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York C
York C

York C Series refrigerant oils provide unparalleled lubrication and protection for your systems.

Evaporator temps -20° and higher: Open/hermetic reciprocating compressors, screw compressors (water cooled), M compressors, single stage centrifugal compressor

York C oil is a synthetic lubricant that's used in compressors. It's a pale straw liquid with a flash point of over 166 ° C.

The York Pure Oil C is a fully synthetic lubricant formulation based on a POE-Polyolester base oil for optimum mutual solubility and oil return assurances. It was developed to overcome issues with most 100% POE-based oils, including hygroscopicity, lack of wear protection, viscosity.

Base oil: POE-Polyolester
Applications: Open/Hermetic Reciprocating, Screw (Water Cooled), M, Single Stage Centrifugal Compressor
Flash point: Over 166 °C
Pour point: Low
Moisture content: Low
Appearance: Pale straw liquid
Boiling point: Over 500 °F
Evaporator temperature: 20°C and higher
Packaging size: 18.9 L
Autoignition point: Over 649.4 °F
Specific gravity: 0.91 at 15.6 °C

York Refrigerant Oil C

York C

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